PTSD Support in Lowestoft

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PTSD Resolution is a national charity which delivers counselling and psychotherapy to Veterans, Reservists, and families, struggling with emotional and behavioural problems. Delivery is through our network of 200 therapists UK-wide. Treatment is free, immediately available, local, private, brief, and demonstrably effective.

Suffolk Armed Forces - Health and Wellbeing: Medical, dental and related support services are provided to armed forces personnel by the Ministry of Defence (Defence Medical Services,) and by agreement with the NHS, charities and welfare organisations. For spouses, dependants and veterans who are civilians, health and wellbeing services can be accessed via local doctors, NHS, and local authorities – mainly through commissioning of services and provision offered by health related charities or not for profit sector organisations.

Stand Easy (Norwich) Supporting Military Veterans with PTSD: Stand Easy is a charity with a single, clear focus: to help veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Our goal is to lift the burden of trauma so as to enable veterans to begin to live fully – and joyfully – once more.


Forest Bathing - 8 Tips for Maxing Relaxing in Nature with PTSD.

EMDR Case Study: Sam underwent EMDR treatment after being diagnosed with C-PTSD following multiple and sustained traumas in childhood. Here, Sam explains more about the EMDR treatment, and how she’s now able to work, go out, have fun, and not live in relentless high alert anymore. 

EMDR Case Study: Jenna was diagnosed with PTSD as a result of an ‘incomplete’ miscarriage and the inconsistent and traumatic care that followed. She underwent EMDR treatment over 20 years later which she says has ‘changed my life for the better’.

EMDR Case Study: Jasmine underwent EMDR treatment after being diagnosed with PTSD following a trauma. Here, Jasmine explains more about her EMDR treatment, how she needed to find the right therapist to help, what happened in her sessions, and how she feels EMDR ‘changed her life forever.’ 

The Link Between Chronic Pain and PTSD: There are many people living with chronic pain throughout the UK and the impact on their lives can be profound. From being unable to work anymore to finding everyday tasks too challenging, struggling with the difficulty of the condition to the fear of not knowing why it’s happening, feeling like they can’t cope anymore to the judgement of those around them, there are many reasons why chronic pain can have an impact upon mental health.

How Gardening Can Help People With PTSD: Avid gardeners will tell you that growing things from seeds or saplings, or simply keeping their lawns and borders looking healthy, brings a wonderful sense of satisfaction.

Why Does PTSD Make You Cry? The Science of Our Tears: Scientists believe that crying can make you feel physically and emotionally better. ‘Having a good cry’ is thought to rid the body of toxins and waste products which build up during times of elevated stress – so it’s logical then that a person with PTSD may cry much more often that someone without the condition!

Children Are Affected Too: Traumatic incidents can of course involve children as well as adults and PTSD affects children too.  Some people are surprised to learn this, but actually it is not surprising that following an overwhelming incident, accident or disaster children will also experience the symptoms of Post-traumatic Stress.

How Meditation Can Ease PTSD Symptoms: There are abundant misconceptions about meditation. Including that it always involves clearing your mind, in silence, to create spiritual enlightenment. The stereotypical meditative pose is sitting crossed-legged on the floor, with your hands either in a prayer position or resting on your knees with fingers poised upwards.